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TBM Fellowship

Dear Friends of the Ministry, Standing in the middle of the Midian desert, barefoot, staring at a burning bush, Moses cried, “Who shall I tell them sent me?” Leadership is the decisive ground on which everything rises and falls. When I was a young preacher in my early twenties, I preached a message entitled, “The […]

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Bridge Builder Partnership

Who are Bridge Builders? God has placed a unique calling and gift of God in Pastor Bates’s  life “to bridge the gap of separation between ‘that which was’ and ‘that which is’ in the full-gospel movement.”  As a Bridge Builder you are helping him bridge the gap of what great men and women in the […]

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If the date(s) requested work with Pastor Bates’ schedule, a confirmation email will be sent. Please note that Pastor Bates is not able to fill all requests; our office receives hundreds of requests a year. Please remember that Pastor Bates is a full-time senior pastor who evangelizes when he is able. Let us also make […]

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