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pastor-tom-spring-16Dear Friends of the Ministry,

Standing in the middle of the Midian desert, barefoot, staring at a burning bush, Moses cried, “Who shall I tell them sent me?” Leadership is the decisive ground on which everything rises and falls. When I was a young preacher in my early twenties, I preached a message entitled, “The Man, the Message, the Move.” The powerful impact of leadership was clearly revealed to me. In ancient Israel, when God’s people had a good king, all was well with the nation. When they had a bad king, things went poorly for everyone. That’s why Scripture teaches that without a vision people perish (Proverbs 29:18).

The call to leadership is a consistent pattern in the Bible. When God decided to raise up a nation of His own, He didn’t call upon the masses. He called out one leader, Abraham. When He wanted to deliver His people out of Egypt, He didn’t guide them as a group. He raised up a leader to do it, Moses. When it came time for the people to cross into the Promised Land, they followed one man, Joshua. Every time God desires to do something great, He calls a leader to step forward. Today, He still calls leaders to step forward for every great work.

My Appalachian heritage and many life lessons have given me simple, yet extremely beneficial wisdom. And for over forty-four years I have learned from great men and women of God from around the world. Now Tommy Bates Ministries has answered God’s call to serve as a Christ-centered, Biblical covering for leaders. Jesus said it this way, “You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world… Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven” (Matthew 5:13-16). With this covering, we will see Revival and a restoration of the true heartbeat of Christ, which is to bring souls into the Kingdom of Heaven.

I've had the privilege of meeting thousands of pastors, leaders, and various ministers throughout my life. There is one shocking thread of weakness woven into the personality of nearly all of us:  the feeling of inadequacy, just not good enough to get the job done. I have resigned in my mind every Monday for years and now it’s about a once a month resignation. Congregations look at me as a super-preacher flying in to the pulpit with confidence, power, the ability to leap high buildings, and faster than a locomotive. But I know what I’ve had to deal with to continue to walk in victory for over four decades. And that is the very reason in my silver haired season of ministry I'm compelled to extend my hand to the plough and bring this fellowship to you. I am totally stirred. I have no intention of pulling back the throttle in these last days. Satan is aware his time is limited. But God has brought each one of us to this point of time and history to IMPACT our world with the message of Jesus.

Full of zeal and faith and love to all of you,


Pastor Tommy Bates



The most critical problem facing the world today is the lack of good leaders who lead according to the Word of God. This leadership crisis is the primary reason the church is losing influence. Christ left His church on earth to do work that has an eternal impact. In order for the church to fulfill her mission, we need strong, Christ-centered leadership.

TBM Fellowship serves as a spiritual covering and personal development venue for leaders in the work place and churches. This kind of connection is vital for the ever-increasing challenges of leadership.


Leaders and aspiring leaders in the work place or church are the best candidates for the TBM Fellowship. For more information you may contact us and a representative from the TBM Fellowship Team will assist you in determining what best meets your needs.

TBM Fellowship Leadership Ladder

Silver Level: $300 Annually

  • Monthly LIVE Leadership Briefing Call with LIVE Q & A.  A Don’t miss call with Pastor Tommy Bates, jam-packed with the latest leadership lessons, encouragement, challenges and pitfalls to avoid.

  • Open to all Leaders and Aspiring Leaders in Ministry and Business.

  • VIP support from TBM Fellowship Team via email and phone

  • Exclusive Access to TBM Fellowship Online Sessions

  • Live Events Access – Break outs exclusively for Fellowship members

Gold, Platinum and Titanium Levels coming soon!


An Application: Fill out the online application form below. 

An Interview: Applicants complete an interview either by phone or video conference with a member of the TBM Fellowship Team.

Final Approval: The TBM Fellowship Team makes the final approval for all applicants who have completed the process. Once all documentation has been received, each member receives an official letter of acceptance and a membership number. In addition, new members receive immediate access to all the benefits based on the level of partnership they choose within the TBM Fellowship.

Orientation: As soon as the level of partnership is determined, there is a scheduled orientation from a member of the TBM Fellowship Team providing immediate access.


TMB Fellowship Application
Hello. I’m Pastor Tommy Bates. Most call me Pastor Tom. My wife’s name is Tara and we have three children; Eric, Joshua and Ashley. All of them are married and serving in ministry. I have eight grandchildren and have one on the way. We all live in Independence, Kentucky where I’m the senior pastor of Community Family Church and Tommy Bates Ministries. How about you?
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You will be contacted by Dr. Lisa Hamm, TBM Fellowship Director or someone from her office. Should you have any questions regarding the TBM Fellowship, please call 859.414.3698.

We look forward to reviewing your application and connecting soon!