Tommy Bates Ministries

America Needs Jesus

Read Romans 7: 18-21

America certainly loves summertime. It’s common to see people on either their porches or decks, grilling out and relaxing by the pool. We love to display our country’s flag and set off fireworks. We fondly celebrate our freedom throughout the summer. While we may feel a sense of pride for our country, people often forget where our freedom truly comes from.

Because of our sinful ways, humans could not have come up with the concept of freedom. In this scripture, Paul confesses the constant struggle to do what is right, and also the frequent failure. There is always a war taking place between the spirit and the flesh. The Holy Spirit is the only way to win this battle. It would have been impossible for a group of fallible men to create the idea of a country based on freedom, had it not been for Jesus Christ. Therefore, the Gospel is our whole foundation.

We have seen rapid change take place in America. The spirit of Antichrist is rampant. America’s citizens are becoming ungrateful for, and even resistant to our freedoms. Some of the major systems are trying to completely erase the history of our Judaeo Christian roots. But a sleeping giant is awakening, so we are living in the most exciting time to be a Christian.

The church must rise up, and show the world the only Name by which men are saved. You have a testimony, and God has given you that testimony for such a time as this. The cross has destroyed every excuse and every culprit of sin. Jesus made a way out for everyone when He died on the cross. And He said, “If my Name be lifted up, I will draw all men to Me.” God will use your testimony to lift up the Name of Jesus and shining His light through the dark alleys of the world.

Don’t deny the struggle. Paul was faithful unto death, but even he admitted he struggled with battling his flesh. Every day we have to put up the fight and use the Word of God to overcome our own sin. Sin is the root of our issues, and it’s the enemy of life more abundantly. Press into Jesus as you walk through this time when people around you need to see the light. Fight the war knowing that the battle is won and our freedoms are secure.

We love you and we’re praying for your every day. We’ll be saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom