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The Anointing of Elijah

Read 1 Kings 19: 13-18

We are living in a time when every day brings something that lines up with the prophecies of the last days. But there’s an opposition that’s trying to tear down the altar of God. including in the hearts of believers. Just like what Elijah faced in this scripture. But hallelujah! The enemy could not steal his anointing!

God had just used Elijah in a mighty way, proving His power on Mt. Carmel and destroying every false prophet there. Then, by God’s power, Elijah outran a chariot for about fifteen miles to Jezreel. After arriving, he got news that Jezebel was after his life. Out of fear he ran again, this time about 100 miles to Beersheba. When he finally got there, he collapsed, praying for God to end his life. At that point of exhaustion, Elijah fell asleep.

This is often a cycle for those within the church. God lights a fire in someone, and they are burning with zeal. They’re able to endure extreme physical and emotional demands. Then something comes against them. They keep running, doing the work, but not for the same reasons. The moment comes when they collapse under pressure, and go into a spiritual slump, believing the lies of the enemy and doubting their whole lives. Some never recover. But God will send His angelic host to revive His people!

God sent an angel with food and water to Elijah. After eating, Elijah fell right back to sleep. After a second awakening, he ate and drank again and was strengthened, but not for long. He traveled 40 days and nights, then retreated to a cave. Finally, God said, “Elijah, what are you doing here?” But Elijah was at a breaking point. He felt like he had given every bit of anything he had, but Israel was still rejecting God and now Jezebel was trying to kill him. Believing he’d made no difference at all, he wanted to give up.

God said, “Go outside this cave. I’m about to pass by.”

Elijah waited on God. A storm came. But God was not in the storm. After the storm, an earthquake hit. But God wasn’t in the earthquake. Then came a fire. But God was not in the fire. Finally, after the fire, came a still, small voice. Elijah immediately knew it was God’s voice, and he went to Him. God asked again, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Again, Elijah lamented about how all his zeal and hard work had made no difference. But God didn’t encourage Him in these feelings. He immediately told him to get up and and get going. God still had work for him to do!

If you’ve found yourself sleeping in a cave, maybe the cave of depression and defeat, or the cave of a bar under the influence of liquor, or even the cave of sitting in church and not being moved by God’s Word, take this anointing of Elijah and get up! We’re living in this time to align the world for the Messiah’s return! We can’t give up, because Elijah’s anointing must be passed on to the next generation. Don’t let the enemy steal your anointing! If you’re alive, God still has a purpose for you!

Hallelujah! I’m praying for you and we’re always saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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