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The Meeting in the Cave

Read 1 Samuel 22: 1-5

People tend forget where God has taken them. From the deepest pit to the highest mountain; ascension is the only direction with Him. But there will always be opposition or sorrow. Where we put our faith will determine escape from these dark places.

King David’s life was never easy. He was born to a female slave and rejected by his father. He lived in the slave quarters and worked sunrise to sunset from a very young age. But after King Saul became proud and disobedient to the Lord, God looked upon David with favor as the one who would become king of Israel.

Samuel anointed David as future king and then he began an unhindered spiritual ascension. He developed an incredible ability to praise and worship through music. Demons fled in his presence. The young David went on to kill Goliath, saving Israel from sure defeat. David’s victory amazed Jonathan, King Saul’s son, and they immediately became covenant brothers. King Saul even gave one of his daughters to David in marriage. David went from being a slave’s son and dirty shepherd to a prince.

But soon, Saul grew wickedly jealous of David. So jealous that he threatened David’s life. David ran and went into hiding, but it wasn’t long before he was recognized in the marketplace. Authorities arrested David and he was facing execution. But at the moment of sentencing, David miraculously remembered that the court spared insane people. He began drooling, rolling around in the dirt and acting like a wild animal. The authorities were appalled and released him. David was covered in spit and mud, and embarrassed at what his life had come to. He had ended up just as he began; filthy and rejected.

He ran out from the city walls, running on until he reached a cave. Now, he’s sitting in this cave, alone, questioning all that had happened to him. Have you ever found yourself alone in the midst of a threatening situation? You begin to look around and wonder where God is. You start questioning if your faith is worthwhile, or even real. Then you start to believe you could never live up to your calling. Next, you’re referring to yourself as a failure.

David was probably at this point, as he cried out to God for some kind of sign. Just then, he heard familiar voices calling his name. His brothers, his mother and even his father who had rejected him came searching for him. Then began the steady flow of hundreds of people coming to him, showing him their need for him. The Bible says, at this point, he became their captain. God came into that cave at the point of David’s deepest despair and more quickly than before, anointed David and ascended him to the role of a leader. He will do the same for you if you call out to Him.

I’ll be praying for you. We love y’all and we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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