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Too often we think that God will show up in our lives when we are ready. He will show up “after we have cleaned out our closets,” “kicked the bad habits,” and “straightened out our lives.” The fact is, God will show up when we least expect it. The story of the Woman at the Well is a beautiful illustration of God showing up to meet us where we are.  In verse 6 of chapter 4 in the book of John we find Jesus showing up at the well “at the sixth hour.” (about noon.) What’s interesting about this, is that it was not common to come to the well at noon.  Most would come to draw water early in the morning or late in the evening. We can surmise the woman came at such an hour due to her shame and guilt over her lifestyle, hoping not to run into anyone at noon. How often do we shut the world out, secretly living in our sin behind closed doors, avoiding family and friends due to guilt and shame?

Jesus knew her sin, yet refused to condemn her and simply offered her a “drink of the water that would cause her to never thirst again.” Water, that would  “become a fountain of water sprinting up into everlasting life.” Friend, that’s exactly what God will do in your life when you allow Him to meet you where you are. He will show up in your mess, your sin, your addiction, your pain and your sorrow. He will show up and offer you water that will fill your every need. It doesn’t matter what time you go to the well, just go. Jesus is there with water that will save your life.  Be blessed to know that God will show up when you least expect Him!
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