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When You’re Going Nowhere

Read Ezra 4:24 and 5:1

The word and above holds a lot of weight in this story. From the last verse in chapter four of Ezra, to the first verse in chapter five, fifteen years of time has passed. Chapter four tells us of great revival and restoration in Israel. Not only that, but the foundations for the rebuilding of the temple had been laid. Then the Word of God says that opposition came against them and building ceased. For fifteen years, the foundations laid bare. This can easily happen in our lives, leading us to nowhere.

Any time you choose and commit to setting the priorities in your life right, you can expect the opposition to start pushing against you. When Jesus is put on the throne of your heart, changing your attitudes and actions, the enemy starts his offense. We can see his strategies laid out through God’s Word. He comes to steal, kill and destroy everything in your life. That means he wants to steal your joy, kill your ambition and destroy your determination! Resolving to put God first in your life and deepen your relationship with Him sets the enemy in motion every time.

Unless you’re ready to battle these attacks, you will grow weary and give up. I’ve seen it too often. Life can become so difficult to bear at times. People start out on fire for God. They’re committed to Him and growing in a relationship. But, they grow weary. They fail to recognize all He’s doing and has done. They forget His promises and faithfulness. So, they skip church for a week. As the opposition grows harder, they start to relent even more. There’s no more morning prayer time and no evening Bible study. Then, it’s a month since they’ve gone to church.

Has this ever happened to you? If you allow the opposition to weigh you down instead of pressing into the Lord for support, before you know it, it’s been fifteen years since you’ve been to a church service. Just like it was fifteen years before the Israelites began building that temple once more. Be ready to defend against the attacks by spending time with God, praying and reading. His promises are true and His faithfulness is unwavering!

I’m praying for y’all. We love you and we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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