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Good News for the Troubled Soul

Read Psalm 34

This psalm is a call to anyone who has struggled in life. It’s a call to anyone who is currently struggling. This life will trouble our souls, sometimes on a daily basis. David is always a clear example of this. But there is good news! He will help us!

This psalm is a powerful declaration of praise because the Lord has just delivered David from certain death. His faith is increased so much by this experience that he writes this psalm, not only to declare his own gratitude, but to proclaim to everyone how good the Lord is. God delivered him so many times from so many troubles, he cannot keep from praising Him. When we are confronted with the struggles of this life, this is the example we need to follow.

1 Peter 5:5 tells us that God’s grace is a result of humility. If we take on an attitude of independence, thinking we don’t need God’s help or the truth of His Word in our lives, telling ourselves that we can do whatever we want through our own power and hard work, He will resist us and His grace will not be working in our lives. This verse also tells us that it is through submission and humility to one another that God is working. If you’re going through tough times or even devastating times, turn away from your pain and frustration and reach out to others in need. You will see a difference in your situation, often immediately. Jesus said in John 15:11 that loving others as He does will allow us to remain in full joy.

Many people have a hard time getting past the misconception that following God is about following rules to be saved from eternal punishment. This is not what the Bible tells us. God wants and deserves our praise. He wants us to realize His love and patience for us, and then make that our platform in the world. He promises there will be troubles in this world. But He has already overcome these troubles. Humble yourselves to God and others, and not only will you receive help from Him, you will be a radiant testimony, helping others, just as David did with this psalm.

We are always praying for you! We love y’all and we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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