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The Great Commission

Read: Mark 16: 15-20

The word commission comes from the prefix com, meaning together and the word mission, meaning assignment. The phrase great commission isn’t actually in the Bible, but this is how we’ve come to define God’s assignment to us.

From Genesis to Malachi, we read about “the coming of the Lord.” The book of Isaiah introduces us to some of the names of Jesus. He’s the Arm of God, the Elect of God and the Branch of God. He’s Mighty, Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, the Holy one of Israel. These are a few. One of the most important is the name Immanuel. Jesus is God with us.

For 300 years after Jesus walked the earth, believers cried, “Maranatha!” which means the Lord is coming. Then came a time when the Roman Catholic church believed they would be the ones to usher in the Millennial Reign as recorded in Revelation. Many denominations followed that attempt, but all failed. It wasn’t until the late 1800s when the church finally realized that only Jesus was going to bring world peace upon His return!

Jesus is coming soon. We can see it by two very notable signs. First, the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Temple. As of now, plans to rebuild are underway and parts of the Temple have been prefabricated, but currently there is a mosque located where the outer court will be. Secondly, God said through the prophet Joel that He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. Our sons and daughters will prophesy, old men will dream dreams and young men will see visions.

Believers demonstrated these miracles in book of Acts. The Spirit came upon them and they could not contain their joy. They had to tell people about Jesus! Pentecostalism is an experience of the Holy Spirit. Until we live Spirit-filled lives, unable to contain our love for Jesus, we cannot fulfill our assignment to take the gospel out into the world.

As we look out into the world today, it is obvious to everyone that something has got to give soon. It’s not only Christians who recognize the increase in intensities, from wars to weather. It’s obvious to everyone! God has placed us in the world for such a time as this.

We must share the good news of Jesus first in order to be used for healing, miracles, signs and wonders as we see in Acts and in the promises Jesus made in Mark 16: 17-18. We cannot save anyone, that’s the Holy Ghost’s job. But, we can plant seeds of God’s Word in our homes and everywhere we go. His Word never returns void!

We love y’all and we’re always saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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