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Come Into the House: God's Glory Still Transforms Lives
God’s Glory Still Transforms Lives!

Read: Joshua 2:15-21

Israel was a testimony of God’s glory to foreigners. The people of Jericho knew about Jehovah long before their city walls came crashing down. So, it’s understandable that the millions of Israelites suddenly gathering on the other side of the Jordan River terrified them.

Joshua had sent two men into Jericho to spy the land. Now, the Bible only says the spies lodged at Rahab’s house. But Rahab knew the spies were around because the whole city had been chattering about them. Knowing the power of their God, Rahab likely watched for the men and invited them in. And since she was a prostitute, she was probably expecting the police to come to her house searching for them, too. So, she hid the men and misdirected the police, taking the opportunity to serve this God!

Rahab knew destruction was coming for Jericho. She asked the spies to petition the Lord to save her and her family from the impending doom. The men obliged, telling her that everyone who was in her house would be safe. She helped them escape the city by giving them a scarlet rope to scale the city wall, the same rope that would be a symbol of their safety in the days to come.

When the Israelites crossed the Jordan to conquer Jericho, Rahab knew devastation was near. Standing at the open door of her house, which used to entertain lustful sin and wickedness, she ushered in all of her kin. Her house was instantly transformed from a house of prostitution to a house of salvation! When those walls of Jericho came crashing down, everyone in the city was destroyed. The only survivors were Rahab and her entire family.

God’s glory still transforms lives!

The prostitute from Jericho became a beacon of salvation for those around her. Her faith, just from hearing what the Lord God had done for the Israelites, was so real that she risked her life to help the two spies. Not only were their lives spared spared, but they all remained with Israel after the defeat. They became one of them!

God is still changing and using people just like Rahab. She used the scarlet red rope to save those two men just as God uses the scarlet blood of Jesus to save us. No matter how far gone someone seems, God can still convict anyone of their sin and bring them to His saving grace. It’s obvious that time is running out. Don’t give up! Even on the days it’s hard, keep marching! Keep singing, keep praying, keep reading His Word! Your perseverance is a testimony to His glory, and His glory still transforms lives! Let us usher people in the house just as Rahab did before the walls of Jericho came crashing down!

God bless y’all. We love you and we’re always saving you a seat and Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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