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Keep On Sowing

Read Luke 8: 4-8

Sometimes we grow so weary. Weary of this life, with the pain and trials that seem to be nonstop at times. It becomes hard to sow the seeds of grace and love. But one thing will transform your walk with the Lord, even in the most difficult of times. That is to always remember that everything you’ve endured is so that you can help others! Your experiences are like the fertilizer to the seeds you are sowing into people’s lives!

Everything God has given is for helping others. God saved you so that others could witness salvation. He delivered you from sin and destruction so others could witness deliverance and trust God’s power! God healed you so that others can see that He is a healer of mind, emotions and body. Through every storm and difficulty, you have been more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ! Now you’re the salt and light to others facing the same things in life.

As long as we’re in this world, we will have opposition. While we’re going through the most difficult things, Satan will attack our vulnerability. But take heart! Jesus was tested and tempted as He fasted in the desert. Satan brought such rich promises, luring Jesus to sin. Jesus didn’t fight Satan by distracting Himself with work or entertainment. No! He made Satan flee by speaking the Word of God! The only thing Satan responds to is the Word! You must hide it in your heart, so that not only can you fight off the enemy in your own trials, but so that you may also give ammunition to those in need!

Jesus said in John 7: 37-39 that when you believe in Him, from out of your life will flow rivers of Living Water, that is the Holy Spirit. To keep that river flowing, you must pour into others! Anything God has given to you is so that you can give it right back to Him by serving people. A listening ear, a voice of encouragement, your time and money; it’s all for the sake of others! Sowing these seeds will produce a wonderful harvest, even if you don’t witness the growth.

2 Corinthians 1: 3-4 says that the same comfort God gives us in our trials and tribulations is the comfort we will give to others. So many people are hurting. If you’ve ever been in a place of pain and struggle, you have what it takes to be the same comfort as God was to you during those times! When they get to the point of feeling like they’re the only ones, and no one knows their pain, you may just be the light that shines the Truth of God in their life. You may be the one to show them that God is right there with them, and that they will get through the hardest part to be the help for someone else on the other side! So, no matter how futile it may seem, keep on sowing!

We love y’all and we’re praying for you! We’ll be saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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