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Leaving a Legacy

Read 1 John 3: 14-18

Death stares us in the face every day we wake up. Most of us will not give this reality a single thought as we go about our day, often focusing on mundane tasks and immediate circumstances. It’s good we don’t focus on it, because it could become pretty upsetting. Even though there will be a moment when we depart from this earthly body and stand in the presence of the Lord, I’m sure many of us still hope to make it through tomorrow.

But, sometimes, that simply doesn’t happen. When someone dies, it brings such a range of emotions as we struggle with the loss. Unexpected death sometimes results in unanswered questions and a lingering feeling of not having closure. The Bible tells us life is but a breath. This is why we must remember that we aren’t going to be here forever. Every minute of the day, even in the most mundane things of life, we are on a mission.

Proverbs 10:7 says that the name of the righteous will be a blessing. It goes on to say that the name of the wicked will rot. Everything we do in life will have consequences, even after we we have passed on. Living a life that glorifies the omnipotent, everlasting, faithful, ever-present Almighty God will carry on through many generations, and so will living a life of sin. I’m sure hope of our legacy is that we reached our family, friends, and even strangers with the love of Christ.

We lost a godly saint a few weeks ago. Sister Barbara Henderson was a mighty woman of God who wasn’t with us nearly long enough. While we will miss her, her legacy will carry on through this church as long as it stands. She lived out the scripture found in 1 John 3:14-18 so joyously. This is the example of what our love for others should look like. Sister Barbara was selfless, and she always displayed a sacrificial and giving character in the presence of others. Not only that, but her praise was genuine and unhindered. She changed the lives of many in her community, as so many Christians do.

Keep these ideas in your mind and heart as you enter into the world every day. Our love for God and for others will be the only thing that mattered once we’re gone. Living with integrity, striving to live in obedience to the Word of God, and laying down our lives for those around us will have lasting effects for generations. Even when we don’t see the result, God is still using us. The legacy we leave will continue to grow from the seeds we plant in our everyday lives.

God bless y’all! We love you and we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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