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Let Your Life Be A Light

Let Your Life Be a Light

Let me live, blessed Lord, in the light of Thy Word, let my life be a light on a hill…

Let My Life Be a Light by Doyle Lawson

Praise God for a new year! The new year is a great time to reflect on how God has been working in your life and also prune whatever will develop more growth in Jesus. Growing in faith and knowledge of the Lord allows His light to shine ever brighter through you.

There are many evil things going on in the world right now. It’s concerning, but Psalm 37:1 says do not fret about the wicked and evil of the world. This means do not allow yourself to get heated about it! When you remain joyful in what He has done and have faith in what He’s going to do, you show others how faithful God is. As a result, God’s power will be evident through your joy and faith like a bright light in the darkness for all to see.

Many people anxiously hang on the words and actions of  powerful figures in society for what’s important. This is sadly their only hope. Jesus is your hope, so you can trust that the wicked will not prosper for long. Psalm 37:8 says God will cut off their prosperity! And those who trust in what God is doing will inherit the earth! Your trust in Him witnesses to others that you know an unchanging and eternal God.

Contentment means praising God within the perimeter of your blessing. The wicked are never satisfied, even if it seems like they have it all, because they don’t have what is unknowingly driving their pursuits. They’re missing the eternal presence of God Almighty! Whether you’re sitting in a shack or a mansion, driving a beat up old junker or brand new sports car, at the hospital for treatment or you own the hospital, He’s blessing you. Praising God in the perimeters of your blessing will allow for His power to work in your life. Riches can buy things, but only God can bless your soul!

In 2017, let us live a life like the old hymn by Doyle Lawson says: a life of praise that will shine like a bright light to those around us living in darkness!

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God bless y’all! We love you and we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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