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My Sheep Know My Voice

Read John 10: 1-5

There are many voices we all know the second we hear them. When you answer the phone and hear your mother on the other end, you don’t have to ask who is calling. If you’re in another room and the president comes on TV, you don’t have to see the television to know who’s speaking. There are also voices we may not hear again in this lifetime, but we will never forget what they sounded like. Like your grandmother calling you in for dinner, or your first grade teacher reading your favorite book to the class. If anyone ever tried to claim to be these people, you would instantly know they were imposters. Once our lives belong to Jesus, His voice is the same way.

Many times people have asked how I could possibly know that my God is the right one out of millions of other gods throughout the world. Well, I can simply say it’s because I know Him. His Word is so deep within my heart that everything in my life depends on it. His Word is my navigation system, my law advice, counselor, and protection. It’s how I measure everything I do. When something comes along that doesn’t line up with God’s Word, I know it’s not the truth. When I’ve learned about other religions and false gods, they are so contradicting to God’s Word that my spirit puts off a warning signal. The enemy can’t trick me into believing his lies because I know my Shepherd’s voice.

God’s voice is the guiding light away from sin and sorrow. His voice calms anxiety and quiets the soul. When temptation comes knocking, I’m reminded of all He does for me, driving me far from the desire of sin. When my heart is grieving, He reminds me of the future, where joy will overcome sorrow for good. Negative thoughts and condemnation are not the voice of God. We must run from those unfamiliar voices to avoid the traps of the devil.

If you’re wondering where the voice of the Lord is in your life, listen for what lines up with the Bible. Jesus is alive, and He has a voice. He isn’t a religion. He’s driving the born again believer, guiding them in every step. If something you’re considering doesn’t match up to God’s Word, it’s not from God. He never changes, and He’ll never compromise.

I’m praying for you. We love y’all and we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church.

Pastor Tom

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