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The Old Path

Read Jeremiah 6:16

Our culture may be dependent on GPS, but someone who is serious about traveling knows you can’t rely on that. When you’re traveling somewhere for the first time, you want to know the path to get there. You’re not going to ask someone who can’t get to their nearest store without their GPS. If you know anything about traveling, you know to seek help from someone who has already made the same trip!

This is the same when it comes to how your life witnesses about the saving grace of Jesus Christ to others. You have become a witness to other people so that other people may be saved. You have been delivered so that you can be an agent in someone’s life and show them the road to deliverance. You’ve gone through major life experiences in order to help those around you who are seeking help.

Life is not about you. It’s not about the suffering you’ve gone through. It’s not about your healing, deliverance or comfort. The life of a Christian is about showing an entire world that’s on a journey and getting stuck along the way, that they are not alone! They’re wondering if there is anybody who has traveled this road before. People feel alone and don’t know what to do sometimes. They go through this struggle and don’t know where to turn. This is when God will use your experiences. He’ll shine His light through your counsel and encouragement!

Sometimes, we get off the path though. That’s when you have to stop and put the vehicle in park. Begin to examine, where is this road going to take me? Where is this lifestyle, attitude, anger, feeling, going to take me? The Lord is saying, “I want you to pay attention!” Get your mind off your to-do list, housework, homework for a while. God is saying in this Scripture, that there comes a time to stop, examine yourself, find out where you are. What’s going on with your life? Are your habits, friends, routines going to lead you on the right path? These things may not be the best God wants for you. God’s ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. He does not want your life to be mediocre! Examine the paths, and seek the old path already taken.

The Lord wants everyone to look at the Christian and see light in a dark place, salt where there is no preservation, joy in sorrow, and healing in sickness. You are the light of the world! God wants to constantly make you better! Examine the surroundings on your journey. Chart your course. Ask for the old paths; the well worn, well traveled on and well used paths. Then, lead others as they seek help on their journeys.

We’re praying for y’all and we love you! We’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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