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Psalm 67 is a beautiful picture of what God is preparing to do in the last days.  God will bless His people and let His face shine upon them.  God is preparing to pour out His blessing so He will be known in all nations.  Psalm 67 fervently reminds us, “Let all the people praise you.”  When we begin to praise God wholeheartedly, the harvest will begin to yield the blessed fruit.  We are getting ready for the great blessing of the Lord to come upon His people.  The world is preparing for the Anti-Christ and a one world government, but the church is preparing for the return of Christ!  I believe we are living in a time when a generation will begin to urgently seek God.  Our youth revivals are proving that our younger generation craves God.  Revivals that continue in places like the coal mines of Virginia are a blessed sign that God is pouring our His Spirit on our youth.  Lift up your eyes and begin to look around, and the glory of the Lord will begin to invade your life.  You have been anointed to praise God.  And thank God, the anointing cannot be burned out; only refined.  It has been through the flood and the fire.  The hostility we experience in this world today is a sure sign that satan knows his days are numbered.  His goal is to remove the anointed.  But get ready church.                                                                                                                                                        Prepare yourself and your family for the blessings of Christ by the following;

Praise Him throughout the day-Don’t wait for something good to happen.  Praise the Lord in all circumstances.  Give Him praise that you woke up today!

Pray continuously-The Bible says, “Pray without ceasing.” 2 Thessalonians 5:17.                                                                                                                         There are no mandates on prayer other than to “Pray in ALL circumstances.”

Plan to know Him more-God’s greatest desire for your life is an intimate relationship with Him.  Spend time in His word, surround yourself with others who know Him intimately, and pray for courage and wisdom to grow your faith and love for Him.

Prepare your heart and soul in the above ways and watch the storehouse of blessings begin to pour out in your life!

As always, we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom


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