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God is a Very Present Help in a Time of Need

A Present Help in Time of Need

Read Mark 6:45-52

Kentucky storms can be downright terrifying. I’ve seen the sky turn many different colors, from bright orange to pale green. You know when it gets quiet out and the dark clouds are racing overhead that it’s going to be worse than a thunderstorm. Wind gusts like a brick wall hitting your car, trashcans flying around, tree limbs scattered in the roads. Such an eerie sense of danger when these types of storms are brewing. The disciples likely felt that same sense of danger when the storm was coming while they were out on the sea.

Jesus had stayed on the land to pray, sending them on a mission to Bethsaida.When the skies grew dark, fear came upon them. There they were, alone, struggling against the high winds. The sea had become a threat, tossing their boat around. The Bible says Jesus saw them struggling with the oars. Instead of calling on Jesus, they continued to fight this battle without Him. This was right after witnessing Jesus feed tens of thousands of people with the amount of food for ten people, and giving them the baskets of leftovers!

Walking out onto the water, Jesus went to help his disciples. But the storm was blinding them and they had already forgotten the miracle they witnessed a few hours earlier. When the disciples saw Him walking on the water, they thought He was a ghost! Jesus told them not to be afraid. As He stepped into the boat, His presence immediately calmed the wind and the storm died down. The disciples were amazed by His power and the peace He brought to their situation.

Danger, Darkness and Destitution

When the dangerous storm is threatening your life, are you remembering the blessings of yesterday, or maybe just a few hours ago? When you’re feeling like the only soul to endure your hardship, are you in the darkness, unable to see God? If you’re overcome by destitution, can you cry out to the Lord, who is the lifter up of your head? These are the life vests Jesus is sending out to us for our storms. God is the same yesterday, today and forever! Cry out to God in your storm. Praise Him for the blessings of yesterday. Take out that basket of fragments, and remember all He’s done for you!  This will bring the God of yesterday into the presence of today.

There are going to be times you’ll see those clouds rolling in because the sky will grow dark. The rain will begin to pour, or maybe the hail will start pounding down on your roof. There may be high winds, the kind that shake your house on its foundation. Fear not! Our God is a very present help in the time of need! Take out that basket of blessings Jesus has handed to you and start praising Him for what He’s already done!

God  bless y’all! We love you and we’re always saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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