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Reflection: RelationshipReflection: Relationship

Living in Jesus

Read: John 15: 1-7

God created us for relationship. From the relationship between God and Adam, to the marriage of Adam and Eve, and all the way through to Revelation where Jesus comes back for His Bridegroom, we see it throughout the Bible. God defines three areas of relationship between Him and us in John 15:7.

First, He says if you abide in Him: this is referring to our relationship with Him, which He pursues. In Romans 8:30, we read that God has called us. Once we answer His call, He justifies us, then goes on to glorify us. When He does this in our lives, it’s evident to everyone! This goes so much deeper than anything we get from religion. God is righteously jealous! He doesn’t want to be number one in our lives, He wants to be the only One! God doesn’t want empty worship from 11:00 AM till 12:00 PM on Sunday, then nothing till the next Sunday. He wants to be in every aspect of our lives! He wants to be in our music, media, education and vacations. God doesn’t care if we have or do stuff. He doesn’t want stuff to have us!

Next in verse 7, Jesus says if His words abide in you: this is the part of the relationship that is dependent on us. God initiates the relationship, but now we must pursue fellowship with Him. Again, we cannot get this aspect of relationship in an hour a week. Fellowship means companionship. Imagine only spending one hour a week with your spouse or your children. You wouldn’t have a very good relationship that way. We must seek His presence. We must pursue our desire to know Him. This mostly comes through reading His Word and praying. Church is important, but it can’t be your only time with the Lord.

Finally in this verse, Jesus says this is when we can ask anything in His Name and it will be done. This is when partnership in the relationship becomes evident. We must be like little children, knowing we can trust our Father to keep His promises. Our faith in Him comes from knowing who He is. Have faith God will save the loved ones you’ve been praying for. Have faith God will heal your afflictions. Know that when you pray, He hears you. He’ll help you in all your times of trouble. That doesn’t mean there won’t be trouble, but He will be right there to help when you trust Him.

God doesn’t want empty religious acts from you. He wants you! A relationship comes when you experience the presence of God. As a result, you will be forever changed. Then, no amount of religion can get in the way of your relationship because you will know the truth and the truth will make you free! So, if you abide in Him, and His words abide in you, then you can ask whatever you need and it will be done.

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Pastor Tom

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