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“Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled!” Matthew 5:6

Jehovah M’Kaddesh means “The Lord is My Sanctifier.” God has set us apart as a peculiar people, a holy nation, and a royal people that we should give Him praise. He has sanctified us by His blood, the Word, and the Holy Spirit—we are definitely set apart by our Savior.   To be used in the Kingdom of God, we must consecrate ourselves.  We must put our body in subjection through prayer, fasting, and giving.  Beginning January 1st, we invite you to participate in a time of consecration with us.  Determining to set yourselves apart for Christ through some form of fasting.

Use wisdom and do only what you are capable of doing. Some folks fast one day a week; others give up soft drinks, candy bars, and junk food (might I suggest for the well-being of your temple that you try fasting these items the majority of the year) or some other type of food; others fast the 24-hour Jewish fast, the Esther fast, or the Daniel fast. Determine what to do as unto the Lord that this year will bring the blessings of the cross of Jesus upon your family.

(If desired, contact our church office for more information concerning the different types of fasting. 859-356-8851)

This time of 40 days of consecration at the beginning of the year will determine the productivity for the rest of the year. I know it for sure! I’ve done it, God honors it, and the results are incredible!

As always, we are saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

We love y’all

Pastor Tom

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