Tommy Bates Ministries

Called to Shine

Read Romans 8: 28-31

This passage has brought comfort and strength to so many saints. But until you’ve faced the deepest valleys or the biggest storms, it’s hard to understand the depth of these truths. Once God has called you into His presence, there’s no turning back. And once He has allowed life to refine your faith, you’re fit to shine and bring others into the knowledge of His grace!

Romans 8:28 will mean something totally different once you’ve encountered a situation that could threaten your life, or your marriage, or your family. Once you’ve fought the devil and taken authority over his evil schemes, your faith begins to thrive. When you’ve taken on the lusts of the flesh, using God’s Word as your compass and anchor, breakthroughs happen. Your life begins to shine out in the darkness. As a result, God’s power becomes evident to those around you. The Lord uses all things for good. He makes beauty out of ashes, and He makes all things beautiful in His time. Even while in the midst of despair, He brings glory to His truth and goodness!

There’s a difference between evil and consequence. God does not, and cannot, bring evil on anyone. Evil comes from the hearts of men. If anything comes against us in this life, God may allow it to happen, but it’s for a purpose, in order to change and grow our faith. But only through disobedience will He raise His hedge of protection from our lives. If we deny Him in our lives, if we willfully disobey Him, He will not tolerate it. Eventually, He will take a step back, and this is where evil finds its way in. Anything that’s against God is outside of His protection. Outside of Him, there’s no love, no joy, no peace, no kindness or goodness. Without His protection, there’s only doom.

When God begins to call you, you cannot turn it off. He’ll call His children whether they’re at church or at a bar. God calls us while we’re surrounded by darkness, and while we’re being shown the light. He calls us to His truth, His presence and His grace and mercy. You can’t turn it off, you can’t stop it. You can try to ignore it, but He calls His children over and over again. Once you answer that call, you step into the position of “the called.” You’re now living for His purpose, and His glory. You’re now justified and forgiven, and from glory to glory will He take you!

Answer that call if you haven’t yet. And if you have, know that God is using all things in your life for good. Everything you’re going through, everything you battle, and everything you conquer. He will bring you through and you will shine like the bright sun through a cracked door into the darkness. Others going through battles and storms will see that light and God will be able to use you to reflect His love and goodness to those in need!

We’re always praying for you! We love y’all and we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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