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“He leadeth me beside the still waters……”Psalm 23:2

  Psalm 23 is a passionate reminder of how God longs to care for His children, and where He wants to lead us.  In verse 2 we are reminded that God wants to lead us beside “the still waters.” The original Hebrew words for “still waters” in Psalm 23:2 are “Mai Menochot,” which is literally translated as “restful waters”.  God wants you and  I to know that He longs to provide our every need and fill our every longing.  He knows that our mortal bodies cannot live without water.  It is essential for life.  God will always be our source of life and survival. And He will always be right beside us.  God also wants you to know that the waters He wants to lead you along are “still waters.”  In other words, the path God wants to lead you on is peaceful and restful, not chaotic or filled with worry.  You can venture out into the still waters with complete confidence and trust in God.  Go ahead, wade around, you are safe and totally cared for in the arms of Jesus.

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We Love y’all

Pastor Tom

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