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Somebody Touched Jesus

Somebody Touched Jesus Read Luke 8:43-48 This testimony is a challenge to every one of us. So many times we wait for God to come by and touch us. But there are times we get in such desperate situations that we have to say, “I need Jesus and I’m going to do everything I can […]

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Keep On Sowing!

Keep On Sowing Read Luke 8: 4-8 Sometimes we grow so weary. Weary of this life, with the pain and trials that seem to be nonstop at times. It becomes hard to sow the seeds of grace and love. But one thing will transform your walk with the Lord, even in the most difficult of […]

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Raised to Life: Time with God

Raised to Life: Time with God Read Luke 24 The Easter season a wonderful time of year. It finally starts to get warm outside. The grandkids get to run around in the backyard instead of the living room. Barbecues become a weekly staple, and we start smoking pulled pork and grilling jerk chicken. Baby animals […]

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