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Struggles and turmoil in life cause many to question God and the direction He has chosen for their lives. Many  have experienced a season in life where we feel as though God doesn’t love us, or He cannot be trusted. Here is the truth regarding those two statements:

God doesn’t love me: Unfortunately, you and I base our knowledge of God’s love on our experiences with human love. Human love has one major flaw; it fails. In today’s society we use the term love very loosely and people fall in and out of love on a moment’s notice. The love we experience with God is different than human love.  1 John 4:6 says, “So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us, why? Because God IS love and whoever abides in love abides in God and God abides in him.” God is incapable of not loving you. By definition He IS love and knows only love.

A little side note.  Don’t confuse the discipline of God with a lack of love.  Remember, the people that have shown you the most love in life are likely the ones who disciplined you the most!

God cannot be trusted: When things go wrong in life, people may tell you, “trust in God, and He will get you through. To simply trust in God and His promises leave what He does (or doesn’t do) open to debate. For example, you pray for a loved one fighting addiction, trusting in the promise of God that He will heal them. But what happens if He doesn’t? In Isaiah 55 we are told, “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, says the Lord. And my ways are far beyond what you could imagine.”

The solution is for us to “Trust God.” In Genesis 15:6 it says, “Abram believed the Lord and He credited it to him as righteousness.”

We could never comprehend why God would allow a loved one to suffer or leave this Earth prematurely, but when we choose to trust Him and Him alone blessings await.

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We love y’all

Pastor Tom

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