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The Valley of Baca: Praising Through the Struggle

Read Psalm 84: 1-6

The Hebrew word baca translates to weeping. The Valley of Weeping does not sound like a pleasant place. But, it is where life can take us. No one is exempt from struggles. As a matter of fact, Jesus tells us we will have many troubles in this life.

When we bow to the struggles, we are letting the root of bitterness take hold in our lives. This root starts to entangle itself in us, producing things like anger, depression and unforgiveness. But Hebrews 12: 15 warns us that this root of bitterness will also start to spread into the lives of those around us. Its effects will begin to show in all relationships and interactions. You’ll see your marriage start to wilt and your spouse may begin to struggle. Your words with your kids will become harsh, then their words may become harsh. Your co-workers will avoid conversations, then morale will likely drop. Roots grow far and wide.

So what can we do when confronted with these struggles we will no doubt encounter? Look at what David says in this psalm. First, he acknowledges the loveliness of God’s tabernacles. The dwelling place of the Lord is powerful. It’s pleasant, comforting and where God’s presence is. David goes on to say his soul longs for and his heart and flesh cry out for the Lord’s dwelling place. The flesh is what normally wants the comforts of the world; to mindlessly watch movies, or scroll social media. The boat on the lake is where the flesh wants to find comfort, or at the game at a big arena. You know you’re in a deep situation when your flesh starts longing for God! Only He can pick you up and restore abundant life to your soul!

This psalm goes on to remind us that God is with those who continue to dwell in His presence! Those who find their strength in Him are blessed! You really can’t praise unless you have been to the lowest point of desperation. The lowest points of the Valley of Baca will bring you to your knees, crying out for His help. Once you’ve cried out to Him, He will come down and scoop you out of that valley, setting you on the hill, making you a vessel of His glory!

If you keep praising Him, there will come a time when you’re walking through a valley, finding wells of Living Water! Even in the tragedies of life, God will provide wells of hope. As a result, the Valley of Baca will become the Valley of Praise, and your soul will be set on a hill where everyone can see its light shining through the pain! This is where God can most effectively use us for His will! The Lord is faithful; He will carry you in your weakest moments, from glory to glory!

We love y’all and we’re praying for you! We’re always saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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