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The Bible clearly tells us in the book of John, “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  That word make is an action word.  It requires that we do something in order to experience an end result.  The doing on our part is to “know the truth.”  Knowing comes from the Word and the “Word” is of course the Word of God.  So many of us find ourselves in bondage not just to the “things” of the world, but fears and anxieties regarding inadequacies and inabilities.  Christians today are completely unaware of the gifts, and talents they have been given by God.  All of us have gifts and talents, but they have become imprisoned.  Imprisoned by feelings of inadequacy, and fear.  The enemy holds us in bondage, telling us day in and day out, “you have nothing to offer.”  Friend, that is just not true.  God wants His children to know that there is an anointing upon us.  “I have come to take you to places you’ve never been before.”  The Gospel is NOT religion, the Gospel is truth.  Knowing the Word of God will take you to another level in life, where you can begin to recognize the anointing that is upon you and begin to fully realize your gifts and talents.  Jesus came to deliver us from the oppression brought forth by Satan.  But hear this, Satan is holding your gifts and talents in captivity and he is not satisfied with mere captivity, he wants to kill your every dream and ambition.  But where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty.  And when you know the truth, the truth will Make you Free.

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We love y’all

Pastor Tom

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