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The message in Genesis 46:1-5 is clear.  We are never forsaken!  Our Awesome God reminds Jacob in this passage that he should not to be afraid to move.  He boldly informs Jacob that He will go with him down into Egypt and He will “also surely bring him up again.”(v.4)

  1. I am God
  2. Fear Not
  3. I Will Strengthen You
  4. If you have to go down, I will go with you!

If you would like to see and hear this powerful message entitled, “Never Forsaken” check your local listings and tune in this week to Bridging the Gap.

(If the Bridging the Gap program does not air in your area, please call 859-356-8851 and order your copy of this powerful message today!)

Update and Powerful testimony from our missionary to Mozambique,
Mareshash Olzeski.

(Below is an email from our missionary to Mozambique, Mareshah Olzeski, received on Monday, September 21st. On behalf of Mareshah and her fellow missionaries and all of us at Tommy Bates Ministries, we thank you and praise God for His miraculous, healing power!)

Greetings and much love, in the name of Jesus.

Last weekend, we hosted a medical outreach and crusade. It was heavenly and God did mighty things through the sacrificial service of many saints. On the first night I was stung by a lethal scorpion. Within the first ten minutes I received prayer and the power of the word of God spoken that I will tread on scorpions and serpents and they shall by no means hurt me.

Dr. Augustinho dug through the stockpile of medications awaiting the clinic for the next two days and applied the first dose of anti-venom. 12 hours later, I received a second dose of anti-venom.

We dropped Dr. Tobe and Rita at the airport in Maputo on Tuesday afternoon. On the way, Lars realized he had malaria and began treatment,. It has been a triumphant week for us. The paralysis over my foot, ankle and leg has gone and as of Saturday morning, I have regained all use and all pain has gone! Lars is malaria free and feeling strong and we are happy healthy and back on our feet! Praise God.

As I taught on Sunday morning to a crowd of new believer’s the word of God never returns void and our labor is never in vain for Him.

I am working on a blog update with pictures and will send it out when internet service allows.

Your prayers are ever welcome and so very much needed. Thank you for not forgetting about us.

Blessings to you all in Jesus name.

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