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The Brokenhearted

Read Luke 4: 16-18

Think of the most rundown area close to where you live. The area where your mom taught you to lock the doors as you drove through. The place you avoid at night by yourself. When you drive through, you notice no one looks up and no one smiles because no one has hope. This was just like Nazareth: full of poverty, hopelessness, and brokenhearted people. Surrounding cities called it the “City of No Good.” Yet our Savior chose to live there.

If Jesus has changed you from the inside out, this type of environment should move you to dire concern. Jesus didn’t come to befriend the elite and rich. He didn’t come to heal the healthy and give sight to the enlightened. While He is for everyone, it’s the sick who know they need something. Jesus sought out the abandoned, the forgotten, and the shunned. He also rebuked the religious leaders who thought they knew it all, yet looked down on the poor and commoners.

Just because someone seems to have it all doesn’t mean a thing. They may look joyous, but usually they’re the most brokenhearted. Heartbreak comes in many forms, but it’s often a consequence of looking for joy in anything other than Christ. He wants to heal the broken hearts. He wants to work through the testimonies of His people. We must declare our healing to the brokenhearted if we want to see people healed!

You might be the one who’s suffering a broken heart right now. Know that Jesus meant His words for you. James 1:21 says that we must receive the grafted Word with meekness. When something is grafted, that means something old was cut off. If there are hindrances in your life preventing growth in God, you have to cut them out because there cannot be new growth without letting go of old ways. This requires laying aside pride and giving God control.

Proverbs 18:14 says a merry heart is good medicine but a broken heart will dry you up. When your spirit is broken, everything else will begin to fall apart. Let God speak to you where you are. He is the potter, and you are the clay. Cry out to the Father, because He wants to heal you. Let Him take your broken pieces in His hands and create a vessel for His purpose!

We love you and we’re praying for y’all! As always, we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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