Tommy Bates Ministries

Led to Shine

Read Romans 8: 14-16

Nothing happens by accident. Galatians 4:4 uses the phrase “fullness of time.” Time exists for the benefit of fallen humanity. But, what does the “fullness of time” mean?

We can look to history to see what God means by this. Alexander the Great made the Greek language the legal, mandatory and universal language of the world. A few hundred years later, the Roman Empire began to construct roads, and Rome became the center of the world. In God’s perfect timing, the roads to take the Greatest News all over existed, and there was one language that everyone could understand. This is when God sent His Son to redeem us and adopt us into His family! Hallelujah!

The book of Romans is called the Constitution of Christianity because we find three objectives of sharing our faith. The first objective is to teach the fundamental doctrine of salvation. The modern American church likes to use phrases like I’ve joined the church, I’ve been baptized, or Jesus follower, but the phrase of the Scripture is that God saved us! When you use the world saved it indicates that God came to you in your weakness, sorrow, bondage, and rescued you!

The second objective is to explain God’s dealings with Israel and His faithfulness to His covenant. To see the importance in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, we must go to God’s Word. We have to step back and let God work, because it’s all to prepare us for the greatest event that’s ever going to take place on this earth. The bloody foot of Jesus is going to touch the Mount of Olives, nowhere else!

The third objective given in Romans, is to give us practical instruction for Christian living. You find a free-for-all in the modern American church, but you won’t find that in God’s Word! He has placed every heavenly body in order, and He’s placed us in order! Submit yourself unto God, resist the devil, and he will flee! You have to recognize that the same devil that has worked in your family is a professional and he’s coming after you. But God’s Word says we are new creatures in Christ Jesus!

The leading of the Spirit prompts you on the inside. It speaks to your mind and you just have to act on it. God’s mercy is rich, but we’ve got to be led to shine. We must be obedient! It’s the Spirit that led you to church on Sunday morning, to sing songs praising His name, and to surrender your life to God! He created you for this very time! We are approaching the fullness of time when Jesus will be returning to conquer evil for the last time. Let Him lead you to bring others into His glorious light!

We are always praying for you and we love y’all! We’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom