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The Living Bread

Read John 6: 31-35

I’ve noticed that when the grass is becoming green again and the flowers are beginning to bloom, I have a lift in spirit. I love spring and all its reminders of life. Perhaps you experience this, too. Or maybe you experience it when you pull into the driveway in a new car, or go out to dinner in new shoes. Maybe it’s new love that lifts your spirit, or seeing your child make that soccer goal. All of these examples have one thing in common: the joy they bring is always temporary.

Just before we read Jesus’ declaration that He is the Bread of Life, we read about two miracles. He feeds the multitudes with one little boy’s lunch and walks on water. Yet, after these astounding acts, the crowd nor the disciples can stop focusing on the temporal life and its discomforts. He tells them He is what will fulfill them. He claims that He is the source of eternal life. They begin to grumble and try to discredit Him. Even some of His disciples stop following Him after this teaching.

Many people will never look beyond the here and now of life. Instead of reaching for Jesus, they reach for the closest comforts when faced with trials, discomfort, and the truth of their own sin. This always leads to disappointment after the thrill fades. Jesus is the only One who can sustain us! More importantly, it’s not about us! As we trust God during the hard times, He strengthens us. He breaks us up and distributes us to help others, just as He broke up the bread and distributed it to feed the multitude. Once we come to a position of blessing, we aren’t supposed to stay in a comfort zone. He wants us out there, blessing others!

Jesus is our source. He is our sustenance. Satisfaction only comes thru our faith in Him. He’s our strength, counselor, financial advisor, therapist and friend. Looking elsewhere for joy and purpose will always fail. While earthly things can be fun, rewarding, useful, and even bring godly joy, we must always be vigilant against giving them the throne of our heart. The Lord isn’t against having nice things or enjoying the people in our lives. But He is clear about these things having us. Seek first the eternal, everlasting Kingdom of God, and everything else will follow.

I’m always praying for y’all. We love you and we’re saving you a seat here at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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