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Relfection: Fullness of JoyReflection: Fullness of Joy

Read 1 John 1:1-4

Reflection is an important principle in our walk with the Lord. In this series of devotions, I urge you to reflect on three things: what God’s Word is saying, how you are reflecting that within your life, and also in the lives of others. This week, take this time to consider where your joy comes from, how to attain it and how to bless others with it.

We serve such a mighty God. He’s so big that the nothing can contain His wholeness. There are over 900 names for God throughout the Bible. These names don’t begin to describe His depth. A few of the glorious names we have for Him include El Shaddai (The God Almighty), Jehovah (Self-existent God), and the Great I Am (everything you need). These names, as well as the rest, barely skim the surface of how deep the meanings go. This same God is your God. So, no matter what you’re facing, He’s bigger still.

There were 500 witnesses to Jesus after He was resurrected. These people actually saw the risen Christ with their own eyes, yet revival didn’t take place for fifty days after His resurrection. We read in Acts chapters one and two that 120 men and women had gathered in the Upper Room after the Ascension, constantly praying. Ten days later, on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Ghost suddenly blew into that room and came to rest on each of them. They began speaking in other tongues and consequently appeared drunk to the crowd that had gathered. As they left the upper room, the had to tell people about Jesus. Their joy was so full and unrestrained that 3000 people became believers that day. God wants to do the same with you.

We are on a pursuit to turn the Pentecostal experience back into what they experienced the day of Pentecost. Jesus came to show us a God we didn’t know. The Holy Ghost came to show us a Jesus we’ve never met. Only Jesus can satisfy the soul. A church can turn the music up louder, or put on a circus show to try and create an experience, but there is no fullness of joy in these things. Fullness of joy only comes from real experiences with Jesus through the Holy Ghost. The fullness of joy is when you can reflect on how big God is, experience His presence and let that river flow throughout your life. Others will see what you have is real.It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convince someone of Jesus. You only need to be the vessel from which the river flows.

We love y’all and as always, we’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom

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