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They Opened Their Treasures

Read Matthew 2: 10-12

While we don’t know the exact day Jesus was born, we take this time to celebrate His birth. Born in the place where the animals stayed, God revealed His Son to humanity that night. Hallelujah!

The three Kings of Orient are often imagined as showing up the night of Jesus’s birth. But, these men did not get to Bethlehem till possibly a few years later. They were astronomers, science students who studied the stars. Coming from Babylon and Persia, we can easily wonder why they had any interest in this Jewish baby. But, throughout their lives, they had learned about the God who spoke the earth into existence, delivered the Israelites from slavery, protected Daniel in the lions’ den, and placed David on the throne. They studied because they knew the Jewish people were waiting for the Messiah!

The men began to see an unusual star during their observations. They knew this star was going to lead them to the King of the Jews, so they followed. The kings went to King Herrod, alerting him that they sought the King of the Jews. Herrod was panicked at this claim, but after searching Scripture, sent them to Bethlehem. As the powerful and influential men arrived in Bethlehem, a supernatural light of God shined over the house of the Lord. This passage says they saw Mary, and honored her, but they worshiped only Jesus! There’s only one name above all names, only one mediator and that is Jesus Christ!

The Gifts

The three kings may have brought expensive gifts to Jesus, but they all represented something much deeper. When the men came into the house, they opened up their treasures. The first gift they offered to Jesus was gold. Gold represents His divinity. Before Abraham was, He is! He is all God, and fully man. We don’t worship Him as a prophet or teacher, but as the Savior of the world!

The second gift was Frankincense, representing His priestly ministry. Jesus is a glorious King who was born in a stable, emptied Himself and made of Himself no reputation, all to save us. Worship means worth, and if you’re ever going to worship Him, it’s going to be by the leading of the Spirit showing you the divinity of who He is.

The third gift, Myrrh, representing the suffering Jesus would endure on the cross to give us life abundantly. This should stir a worship so deep within us that we cannot contain our shouts of joy and songs of adoration!

You may not have gold, frankincense or myrrh to offer Jesus this Christmas, but open the treasures of your heart and sing out to Him in praise! Look at who He is and what He did for you, and lay down your treasures at His feet. He’s your gift, and all you need!

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Pastor Tom