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“Then God spoke to Israel in the visions of the night, and said, ‘Jacob, Jacob!’ And he said, ‘Here I am.‘”

  Where will God take you in 2016?  Chances are, it’s not where you thought you would go.  But if you will settle in your heart to respond with the mindset  of the great men of the Old Testament like Abraham, Jacob and Moses, you can be sure of one thing-He will do great things in your life.  God called out to  Abraham, Jacob and Moses at various times, but their response was the same;  a Hebrew word-“Hineni” which, literally translated means, “Here I am, ready for your instructions.”  You see, God doesn’t just want to know that you are here and listening, He wants to know that you are a willing vessel, ready to be used for great things.  Regardless of your feelings about resolutions for 2016, add a new word to your vocabulary, Hineni.  The next time you hear that still small voice urging you to pray for a friend, volunteer for an event at church, or give a little bit more in the offering plate, respond with, “Hineni!” Here I am God, ready to be used for you!”  And much like God’s response to Abraham, Jacob and Moses, His response to you is the same,  “I will make you a great nation.”  Translated for today-I will bless your children, your grandchildren and your extended family for years to come because of your obedience to Me today!  Praise God!

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Pastor Tom

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