Tommy Bates Ministries

Who Am I?

Read 2 Samuel 9: 9-10

When God gets ready to pour out His Spirit, He begins looking across the globe for someone to bless. He is looking for someone who is after His own heart. Many times, our weaknesses can leave us asking, “Lord, who am I that you would want me?” But, no matter what you’ve endured or how much rejection you’ve faced, God has purpose for you!

David’s mother was a servant, and he grew up in the servant quarters of his father’s grand mansion. So, he was not the likely candidate to become a king. But, God saw David’s heart, and called him out. Because of this anointing, King Saul became jealous and we read of all the harm he tried to inflict on David. But, Saul’s son Jonathan greatly admired David, and the two became closer than brothers. David and Jonathan made a covenant that their mutual loyalty would extend throughout future family members.

When you get older, you begin to reflect on the things you’ve been through and the people who helped you throughout difficulties. This is just what David was doing in our Scripture. He remembered Jonathan, and the covenant the made. Although Jonathan had died in battle, he did have a son. So, David began to seek Jonathan’s son, named Mephibosheth. David learns that, physically disabled during the war, Mephibosheth was living in bondage, unable to care for himself or his family.

As we read about David staying true to to his covenant with Jonathan, we see that he takes Mephibosheth into his home. He brings him in like on of his own sons and sets him at the King’s table, where he stayed. This makes Mephibosheth ask David, “Who am I that you should notice a dead dog like me?”

As we look at David’s incredible act of faith, it’s a profound reminder of why Jesus Christ went to Calvary. We are a mess, riddled with sin, lame in our transgressions. But He still calls us out, staying true to His covenant. He’s looking for those in bondage, for the one who cannot help himself. He’s looking for someone whose past has crippled them. He is looking for the lame, for the one who asks, “Who am I that you would choose me?”

The Enemy comes, trying to destroy the created purpose that God has for our lives. But, this Scripture shows us that God’s covenant reaches beyond the natural! By His stripes we are healed! Jesus has chosen you! He will take every chain of bondage off! You are a child of the King, the Alpha and Omega! Look what the Lord has done!

We love y’all and we’re praying for you! We’re always saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom