Tommy Bates Ministries

Somebody Touched Jesus

Read Luke 8:43-48

This testimony is a challenge to every one of us. So many times we wait for God to come by and touch us. But there are times we get in such desperate situations that we have to say, “I need Jesus and I’m going to do everything I can to touch Him!”

The story in our reading is also in Mark 5. In this account, the Bible uses five action words. The bleeding woman heard, said, came, touched and felt. Many times we want the last action word to be first. We want to feel first, then we will testify. We want to feel the situation change before we give God some praise. But this story says that before she felt any manifestation of healing, there were actions she had to take.

There comes a times in your life when you have to know who Jesus is. Once you do, you have to have faith. This passage of the bleeding woman is to give us motivation to know that God is great! He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. His eyes are on the righteous and his ears are open to their cries. By the feelings of everything we go through, we can touch Him because He can be touched!

Testimonies of Jesus being a present help in the time of trouble stirs our faith! It’s the power that goes beyond the natural mind. It causes you to press on when nothing else would cause you to press on. The Word tells us that Jesus is God with us. He’s revealed to us all throughout the Old Testament and comes to us in the New Testament. Jesus is all we could ever need!

The first thing the woman did in Mark 5 was hear, then she began to speak. Once you have faith, your mouth will begin to speak out of the abundance of your heart! You begin to say, “This situation will not destroy me!” Faith changes your vocabulary! You’ll stop speaking in doom and agony and begin to agree with what God says! Mark 11:23 says if you speak to your mountain, and if you’ll believe what you say will happen, it will happen!

Proverbs 23:7 says as you think, that’s what you’ll become. If you think you’re defeated, lonely, and that everyone’s against you, that’s what will become of your life. But, if you think that God is in control, your way of thinking will cause the circumstance to change according to the Word of God!

We need to begin with faith, even if we’re not feeling what we’re seeking. Then, our we must examine our thoughts. Next, we have to line our words up with the Word of God. And in these steps of obedience, we’ll begin to see God move in such powerful ways, that we will not be able to contain our praise!

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re praying for you and we love y’all! We’re saving you a seat at Community Family Church!

Pastor Tom